Voor alle hobbybrouwers


Sorry, there is no English version of this site available! A lot of information can be found on the Web. Most of it is in English. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are approximately 80.000 home brewers who speak Dutch. It is for these home brewers I made this site.

Interesting information

Although this site is in Dutch you can find some interesting information. First of all there is a very large list with translations from English brew jargon to Dutch terms. By using the search function of your browser you can find its Dutch equivalent.

Another nice place to visit is the recipes page. You have to translate en recalculate, but this is a handicap well-know by Dutch and Belgian home brewers.

Further on there is a comprehensive list of links.

There are also lists of Dutch and Belgian brew clubs and suppliers.

Brew, stir and cheers!

Jacques Bertens