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Wort aeration methods

Gestart door Wamser, 07-03-2016 16:44 u

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Hello guys

I know the oxygen is very important for yeast growth and reproduction...
Yeast must grow and reproduce first, before actually fermenting the wort to make beer.
Commercial breweries typically shoot for 8 to 10 ppm dissolved oxygen in wort prior to fermentation

There are three approaches typically use to oxygenate wort; agitation, splashing and injection of either air or pure oxygen.

I use the agitation... but I will buy this:
Eagle Brewing BE510 Siphon Spray Wort Aerator

I would be know how make in netherlands...Agitation? splashing...?



I think all methods are used here, everyone has their own preference or sometimes lack of choices due to setup or budget.
If you translate the forum you're bou d to find topics with pros and cons of pure oxygen vs filtered "plain air" and all the methods.
So I guess anything goes and try what works best for you.
Sharing your experiences is much appreciated though ;)


Well I mostly (read always) use the "slash" methode never had any problems, although now I'am hesitating before I  start with my Westvleteren 12 clone.

I've made 5 gallons off 'starter"beer OG 1040 pitched it with one WPL530 and it didn't go further then 74% thats not good enough

Same brew with the Forbidden fruit from Wyeast went all the way to 84%


Citaat van: Wamser op 07-03-2016  21:34 ulLoks good.

Well, I will use pure oxygen injection...


Citaat van: Wamser op 08-03-2016  14:52 uWell, I will use pure oxygen injection...

Okay, how? And where can I buy it?


Citaat van: Thamerdal op 08-03-2016  16:00 uOkay, how? And where can I buy it?

Zoeken met Google op deze site.
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