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Open fermenter in action at Westvleteren

Gestart door Wamser, 29-03-2012 20:25 u

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I found this link;

and now I'm asking to myself;
how the open fermentation with makes Westvleteren
can improve flavor, aroma, complexity, foam ...
the open fermenter have less pressure and so less or more ... sters??

is no possible to clone this beer, because they use a difficult method for homebrews...




The open fermenter create different flavor esters because of the way the yeast behaves.
this type of fermentation makes for superior beers

may be why Westvleteren beers are so good? key is open fermentation...?


The link doesn't work for me so here 2 of the pictures from Westvleteren about the open fermentation. (low quality)

I think there is always a risk when using open fermentation, but it is the old way so I bet it can really change the taste of the final product.
They must work very clean. I wonder if they ever had infections.

What does the air contain in a closed room where loads of cleaning products are used? I mean what is still there that has a positive effect on the fermentation?


Citaat van: KC op 29-03-2012  21:21 u

Seems open fermentation is over since 2010?

monks can show what they want?
I don't know...

I will make a beer; 20 L open fermentation and 20 L closed fermentation...


Let us hear what the results are. Good luck.


De fermentatie met open gisttank bij Westvleteren staat in een Cleanroom, met gecontroleerde atmosfeer en flinke luchtfiltering. Operators die deze ruimte betreden dragen er maskers en cleanroom kledij. Ik weet niet of ze het nu nog steeds zo doen.  :weetniet:

Wambser: The open fermenter at Westvleteren is situated in a clean room with conditoned and particle filtered aircirculation. People who enter this room have masks, special clothing, hair cover etc..  I 'm not shure if they still do it this way.  :weetniet:


Found these, a nice look around:

For the not so young, remember him from MTV :)

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