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Citaat van: Wamser op 09-06-2011  17:03 u:degroeten:


I don't know this firm.


Interesting, it is made from only beet and date (palm) sugar. And then they clame you can use it for brewing belgian trapists... :weetniet:


Hé grappig, ik word genoemd op

In English for Wamser:
Hey funny, i'm being referred to on


Kijk, eeuwige roem, dat is leuk.


Citaat van: Herman op 09-06-2011  23:10 uHé grappig, ik word genoemd op

Cool !!!

CiteerRochefort 8
This recipe struck us as very simple to brew, (on the surface), due to its very basic grain/adjunct bill. However, it turned out to be one of our biggest challenges. Maintaining careful fermentation temperatures and durations with the right yeast strain was one important key. Another important factor was using a combination of Simplicity, D-90, and D-180. We started with Herman Holtrop's recipe as a baseline and then slowly simplified it closer to the BLAM specification until we achieved a flavor profile and nose that became our "eureka" moment for this recipe. Many thanks to Herman and the Stan for giving us the needed guidance onto the right track.



Simplicity is a near perfect balance of highly fermentable sugars. It is our unique clear Belgian Candi Syrup unlike anything available on the market today. Excellent for Saisons, Triples, and Golden Ale's. It is readily fermentable and creates a refreshing subtle flavor that is always on the periphery of your palate. Some say it has a faint "citrusy" flavor  :degroeten:and others say is has a mild honey palate. We're simply amazed that something this good can emerge from only Beet sugar. Simplicity Candi Syrup™ is much to be preferred due to it's high level of ready fermentability and subtle flavor.

Interesting description: the Simplicity candi syrop apparantly can produce citrus-like flavors...


In my opinion way too expensive...
You can make it yourself too?

Otherwise use some Brazilian candi-syrup or palm syrup and create a flavour of your own... :duimop:

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