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Scheldebrouwerij Klonen?

Gestart door sinkas, 29-07-2008 04:03 u

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I just tasted the OesterStout.

The beer is very sweet-caramel, has a slight hint of a roasty taste but absolutely not that strong as you would expect from a stout. The flavour indicates the presence of esters. For me, the Oesterstout is more a quadrupel or may be a strong scotch ale then a stout.

The saline flavour of shells is not detectable for me. When I taste it I get the feeling that the Oystershell thing is really an emotional issue.


 after tasting it, do you have any thoughts on the recipe I suggested?
Looks like trouble for the schelde yeast, its went from 1067- 1040 in 2 days , now seems stuck?

I also doubt there are many shells used in the brewing process,

Its a pity the brewers wont respond on this forum or via email.


Looking at the low maltiness you may consider exchanging the munich malt for pale malt and increase both the cara120 and roast malt to compensate for color.

As I am thinking over the sweetness of this beer it might be the result of a high mash temperature (one step at 68 ÂșC) and/or due to the presence of additional chlorine ions resulting (....from the shells).

What mash schedule did you use?

A pity that the fermentation got stuck. How much starter did you prepare for your badge size?


Hi there,
 The Blonde, is using about a 1.5 litre starter, which probably isnt enough, but it was fully fermented,
It is an extract beer, as I was basically using it to grow the yeast and didnt have time to do a mash.

Regarding the recipe, the bottle as you will see states it uses munich malt, which I thought might have been responsible for the sweetness

Did you think that the zeelander brewer who mentioned the Guinness yeast was stating it as a fact or a suggestion?
(Its hard to gauge a post's intonation in a unknown language.)


You are right that the label mentions Munich malt as the main malt source although I cannot find it back in the taste.

Citaat van: sinkas op 07-08-2008  13:14 uDid you think that the zeelander brwer who mentioned the Guinness yeast was stating it as a fact or a suggestion?
(Its hard to gauge a post's intonation in a unknown language.)

Bubs stated that they were working with a Wyeast yeast and that a stout should contain a stout yeast; I think you should read it as a suggestion not a fact.


Thanks Will,

Well the blonde seems really stuck, agitation and upto 25C, and no drop in gravity, so I am making another starter, and pitch that, see if it will do the job.

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