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Titel: Heineken/Amstel 4 l tapje keg
Bericht door: Wieszcz op 01-06-2013 09:32 u
Hello to all fellow homebrevers  :degroeten:
and greetings from Norway

I'm writing to ask about Tapje 4l PET keg which is't available to buy in Norway from where I'm writing.

According to my research and some information I found on Internet Looks like this may be the solution for small party/home draft keg for homebrevers.


According to img above looks like this system should be easy to dismantle and settle with another source of CO2.

And here comes my questions:
1. Did anyone tried to reuse Tapje 4 l keg for home brewed beer?

2. Is it possible to collect few emty Tapje kegs and ship them to Norway? I would love to experiment a bit with them and  of course will pay expences. But full bottles cannot be shipped and even when traveling there is very limited amount of beer I can get in with me (5l).

Med Hilsen

Titel: Re: Heineken/Amstel 4l Tapje keg
Bericht door: Dirtbag op 06-06-2013 15:52 u
I bought on of these for the same purpose as you but got disappointed.

The pressure vessel and the head are both plastic and they are welded to each other, separation was only possible trough the use of a saw after which any further usage was not possible.

I did not get any use for these.
Also tapping with the supplied beer wasn't a dream either, the first glass or two was mostly foam.

If considering this you could perhaps consider (

It is more expensive but I think you'll have more fun with it. :)

Titel: Re: Heineken/Amstel 4l Tapje keg
Bericht door: Wieszcz op 08-06-2013 00:34 u
Thanks for information.

Looks like minikegs are the best choice ATM and plenty of ppl already adopted them to our needs :-)