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I have moved last year to Netherlands and moved my homebrewing hobby with me, mijn Nederlands is niet veel goed, so i think that this part of forum will be better for me now.

I have moved from Poland and in here we basically have over 15 competitions yearly and also a nationwide homebrew cup( - competitions for first part of 2020/21 season, in polish unfortunately but google translate does it well).  I also have tried to find anything in Netherlands, but didnt succeed, therefore there comes my question: Are there any regular homebrewing competitions happening in Netherlands?


Hi there Celestial,

There are quite a few in the Netherlands as well. On this forum there is a separate place for that kind of information. Unfortunately for you, it is all in Dutch,14.0.html
I dont know whether Google translate will do the job, but I hope you can manage. If you need help with the translations, feel free to ask!

Cheers  :biersmile:

Thanks for the answer, I Saw this OMK competition, did i see correctly that every year it has categories for all the beer styles from their list?

Indeed! There are 6 classes: A, B, C, D, E and V and the beers are pooled per similarity. For instance in class A the following beers are pooled: Berliner Weisse (D), Bitter (Ordinary Best (GB)), California Steam (USA), Dortmunder Export (D),Faro (B) ,G(u)euze-Lambi(e)k (Oude (B)), Irish Red Ale (IRL), Kölsch (D),Lambi(e)k (Oude(B)),Märzen & Oktoberfest (D),Münchener Helles (D),Pale Ale/Strong Bitter (GB),Pale Ale (American),Pale Ale (Belgische),Pils(ener),Pilsener (Urtyp),Saison (B),Vienna (A),Weizen, Witbier. Overall there will be one winner per class (if I am correct)


Hello Celestial,

There is also the Open Bergsche Bierbrouw Kampioenschap in Bergen op Zoom. Every year in september.

Kind regards,


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