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Low Oxygen Brewing

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”Let’s walk through some of the procedural bits. A dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation point of 1.0 ppm, or ideally 0.5 ppm seems dramatically low. Tap water is typically 7-8 ppm DO out of the faucet, and water out of my reverse osmosis system is about 4-5 ppm, measured with an oxygen meter. Heating water to mash temps will reduce oxygen saturation to about 4-5 ppm where boiling for 5-10 minutes can bring DO well below 0.5 ppm. The LODO method requires pre-boiling all of the liquor to deplete oxygen, and chilling rapidly to mash temperatures, along with very gentle handling to avoid splashing or aeration. Water sitting at mash temps has the potential of absorbing 1-2 ppm oxygen per hour.”

So its not unnecessarily to boil the mashwater first. Because the water does not absorb oxygen so fast.


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