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Energy usage in the beer making process



My name is Aswin and I am a Belgian student. I am not a brewer myself, but for my final work of my professional bachelor in Energy Technology I have done research on energy consumption in a brewery / brewing process. My work is in English and is mainly about how to use energy during the brewing process as efficient as possible, and thus saving money.

I would like to share this knowledge with others. If anyone of you has questions about this subject, you can always ask me and I will try to help you further.


Hello Aswin,

Welcome at this forum. I'm not shure if every member of our forum will read all the posts on the Non Dutch speaking side but a lot will I quess.
My question is at what scale you did your research and did you researched commercial brewery's or also homebrewing set ups?


Everything for the planet ;)

How is your project going?


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