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Jopen Mooie Nel IPA

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I used the US-05 yeast. The beer turned out very well, I still have to make a comparison to the original, but it's a very nice and hoppy IPA.


--- Citaat van: quentipa op 23-04-2018  11:26 u ---Just because it is the most common neutral yeast. I'm not so experienced, I started brewing few months ago.
What would be your choice? M44 like Winne2 said?

--- Einde van citaat ---

My choice would be US-05 or BRY-97 from Lallemand.

My bad, I selected the wrong one in the software, but I used the US-05 indeed!

Glad to know that your beer is good joenedu, I'll let you know about mine in 2-3 weeks ;)

How did it turned out?

Me too.....


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